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Mother and Baby

Good sleep
Good bond

Good times

Holistic sleep & attachment

With the gentlest method on the market, you can learn how to teach your baby/toddler to self-settle and sleep through the night, while at the same time nurturing a strong bond with your child. And being well rested and connected is a recipe for good times with your family.

Meet Simone

Certified Sleep Coach for Babies & Toddlers

I am Simone, a passionate sleep and parenting coach and mum of three (a daughter and twin boys) with a whole lot of life experience.

I'm aspiring to help families get out of the frustration spiral caused by a lack of sleep and to put you in a better position as parents, both emotionally and practically. When you feel less stressed and more secure in your interactions with your child, you will positively influence your baby's capacity to sleep.

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What I specialise in

All ages -9 to 36 months  –  Singletons  –  Multiples  –  "Difficult" baby

Holistic Sleep Coaching

Learn all about the three building blocks of good sleep!

Attachment Coaching
Learn how to establish a good bond and raise a resilient child!

Small Group
Sleep Coaching

Your most effective and cost-efficient way to good sleep!


Personal 1:1
Sleep Consultation

Achieve your goals with a custom-made sleep consultation!

Guided Sleep Journey
Embark on your personal sleep coaching journey with me!

Sleeping Baby

Only a holistic approach will bring long-lasting change.

Only a gentle approach will strengthen your bond.

"Simone's guidance and continued support were fundamental to help me go through the first 4 months of my baby's life and become a confident, calm, and more-than-ever loving mum. And now, at 6 months of age, he is sleeping the entire night!"

- Irene P., Brussels

Mum of a boy, 7 weeks old at the time of coaching

"The end result is fantastic... we can now sleep the whole night. We would warmly recommend Simone to anyone willing to get their little ones sleep better."

- Claudia A. Jijau, Frankfurt

Mum of twin boys, 9 months old at the time of coaching

"[The sleep coaching] was the best decision and the best investment ever!!! I am so glad that I asserted myself and I am even more happy that I found Simone. She helped us so much! We have a completely new life!"

- Anne und Robert, Erfurt

Parents of a boy, 9 months old at the time of coaching

Stop suffering. Sleep.

Sleeping Baby

Why wait another night?

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