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About GoodBond Coaching

– More than just sleep coaching –

Good sleep – good bond – good times is my motto at GoodBond Coaching. For me, good sleep and a good bond with your child are closely interlinked: help your child to feel safe and securely attached – and sleep will come. At the same time, if your child sleeps well and you are all well rested, it is much easier to establish a good relationship with your child. 


Through my holistic sleep coaching, I want to help you build a strong foundation for good sleep and a harmonious parent-child-relationship – now and in the future: experience good times together, genuinely enjoy each other’s company, feel less stressed and frustrated and more secure in your interactions with your child.

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This is why, in my view, “proper” sleep coaching can only be done in a holistic way. Sleep is very complex and we won’t find a solution by focusing on your child alone or by getting the “technicalities” (the when and how to put your child to sleep) right. For a truly sustainable solution, we need to look beyond and consider the dynamics in your family, including your reactions to your baby crying as well as parental stress in general as it is playing an important part of your child’s sleep and socio-emotional development. We’ll also take a look at sleeping arrangements and mealtime practices in your family, and at your child’s self-regulation capacity. Are you ready for the journey?

My approach to achieving your sleep goals is not traumatising: at no point will you abandon your child and let her/him cry alone. Quite the contrary, as parents you will accompany your child every step of the transformation process, while always having your child’s needs in mind. Transparency, consistency, mutual understanding and encouragement are at the centre of my approach and will strengthen the bond between you and your child.

My holistic approach is based on
three important building blocks for good sleep

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Three modules

The GoodBond Private Coachings

I offer private sleep consultations and guided sleep journeys.


A private sleep analysis and consultation is for you if you want tailor-made recommendations, specifically developed for your family.


Let me boost your confidence while you implement these recommendations by letting me come on the journey with you. You choose the duration and intensity of our journey together. During this time, you can pick my brain on a variety of relevant topics including sleep, eating/feeding, emotional regulation, positive parenting, resilience and mental health, child development and many more.


A guided sleep journey might also be for you if you find that sleep problems and/or parent-child-relationship challenges run so deep that your family would most benefit from longer-term personal guidance and coaching.


Don't hesitate to contact me for an initial conversation about your family's needs and goals and your best way to good sleep.

Lending a Helping Hand
Lending a Helping Hand
Team work

The GoodBond Group Coachings

​Learn everything you need to know about good sleep and a good bond with your child in a small group setting with other parents who are in the same boat as you. The group sessions consist of three modules covering the cornerstones of good sleep and a good bond.

Groups coachings are suitable for parents-to-be (anytime during pregnancy) and parents of babies aged 0-36 months.

You will leave the group sessions with effective sleep tools and strategies that you can start to implement immediately. That way you can become your child's personal sleep coach, thus helping your baby and helping yourself.

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