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About me

"Stay calm when your child can't. And stay connected.
That's what your child needs most and how you invite sleep into your house."

I believe that all children deserve a good start in life – and good sleep and a good bond are crucial factors in raising happy, healthy, resilient kids. Guiding families towards a more joyful family life by showing you ways to ease stress and get enough sleep is my absolute passion.

Successful coaching, in my view, has a lot to do with life experience. My life has been greatly enriched by many ups and quite a few downs. Among those, I count the joy and pleasure of being a mum of three children (9yo daughter, 5yo twin boys), as well as the sadness over lost pregnancies. I have lived and worked in six different countries and this experience has taught me to value diversity, tolerance and open-mindedness. For me, meeting others with curiosity and an honest interest in their needs and goals, is key to successful collaboration.

From my own experience I know very well the important role good-quality sleep plays for the wellbeing of a family. While it was sufficient to read up on baby sleep and introduce a routine with my daughter, this didn’t do the trick with the twins. When they were six months old, I engaged a sleep coach myself and never looked back - it was a great experience. It is hard to put in words the contrast between the sleepless nights and unsettled days before the coaching and the calm, peaceful atmosphere in our house after the coaching, allowing us to recharge our batteries at night. This experience inspired me so much that I trained as a sleep coach myself, in order to be able to extend this blessing to other families.

The wellbeing of children is something very close to my heart. Prior to becoming a sleep coach, I worked as a policy advisor to various governments, the OECD and the NGO Save the Children, including in the area of early childhood development, health and education and other topics related to the wellbeing of children. My extensive knowledge encompasses the ages and stages of child development, child psychology, mental health and resilience, regulation of emotions, as well as inter-generational and other aspects affecting the quality of the parent-child-relationship and attachment bond.

I am a Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach holding a Sleep Coach Certificate (by Bianca Niermann Schlafcoaching) as well as a Registered Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) Facilitator. I have done additional trainings on Sleep Coaching of Dysregulated Babies ("Schreibaby"), Sleep Coaching of Twins, Prevention of Sleep Problems, Positive Parenting and Systemic Coaching. I also hold a Master in Economics.


In order to ensure the high quality standards expected of sleep coaches certified in the ‚Sleep Coaching Method by Bianca Niermann‘, I am committed to adhering to this Code of Ethics.

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