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My sleep coaching is tailor-made and holistic. No matter what your starting point and your end goals are, my personalised, solution-focused approach will take all your needs into account. Embark on your sleep journey with me and reap the benefits - for yourself and for your baby.

Ask an Expert

Sleep Q&A Session

Ask me any sleep-related questions relevant to your family and I will give you concrete answers to address your uncertainties and concerns.

€80/60 minutes (then pro rata)

Please note: Sleep is very complex and in some situations a comprehensive sleep analysis or more extensive consultation might be necessary.

Holistic learn-to-sleep package

1 month of personalised advice and guidance


  • comprehensive analysis of your current (sleep) situation

  • three in-depth consultations based on your personal needs giving you concrete strategies to improve your baby’s sleep

  • practical and emotional support whenever you need it (through instant messaging, phone or video calls)


Holding Hands

Please note: This is a great basis from which you can embark on a longer-term guided sleep and emotion-regulation journey with me.

Railroad Ties Installation Guide

Guided Sleep Journey

Allow me come on the journey with you for a little longer: let me hold your hand while you implement my sleep recommendations, offering you invaluable practical and emotional support whenever you need it. I'm going to be on "standby duty" for you, answering all of your questions and tackling any insecurities along the way. Learn about all important child-rearing topics, including sleep, nutrition, emotional regulation, positive parenting, resilience and many more.

€120/week or €450/month

Please note: This service can be booked following a holistic learn-to-sleep package.

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