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What clients say about the sleep coaching with Simone

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Testimonial by Monika K., Odenheim

Mum of a boy, 7 months old at the start of coaching

In the beginning, my son cried a lot of the time and only slept either on my tummy or in a carrier. Even at night he never slept for more than 45 minutes. During the first six months of his life, we tried many different things but without any success. We were completely exhausted. I could never put my son down, my husband didn’t succeed at all in putting him to sleep or calm him down. Even just taking a shower in the evening was a huge challenge for me.

Then, when participating in a first aid course, I heard of ‚sleep coaching‘ for the first time. The instructor recommended Ms Gigli. At first, I was very sceptical but I was a nervous wreck and ready to try anything.

From the first conversation on I felt understood and in very good hands. Ms. Gigli has supported me in a fantastic way, was always there for me when I needed her, gave me competent advice, and was always authentic, warm, sincere and respectful. She made me feel comfortable, calm and confident, always had appropriate tips and tricks and the right solution. She was always accessible, kept in close contact with us and supported us where she could.

We achieved remarkable successes within a matter of days. Our son was a lot more even-tempered, cried less and generally appeared much more content. After just a few weeks, my son slept in his own bed and slept several hours at a stretch, and I was able to look after my household when he was asleep.

After about two months, he mostly slept through the night. He fell asleep independently, no matter whether I or my husband put him down. Both the falling asleep and the staying asleep were no longer an issue. Thanks to Ms. Gigli’s support, moving him to his own room as well as settling into Kita/daycare, went really great and felt very easy for us, considering all the difficulties we had before.

Ms. Gigli is the best thing that could happen to us. Booking a sleep coaching with her was the best decision and we would do it again any time.

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Testimonial by Irene P., Brussels

Mum of a boy, 7 weeks old at the start of coaching

When I contacted Simone, my baby was 7 weeks old.  He would NEVER leave my arms. All naps and night sleeping had to be with me, ON me. As a first time mum, I was exhausted, confused and worried that I was doing something wrong, and that this would never end. The feeling was reinforced by comparison with other friends whose newborns would sleep for hours happily in their bassinets.  


Everybody was telling me that the baby was way too young for sleep training, and I just had to wait it out. This did not help my feeling of exhaustion and inadequacy as a mum. And honestly I also saw this starting to have an impact on my relationship with my baby. 


I felt I needed to act to protect this relationship, and I decided to contact Simone, among the available baby sleep consultants,  because I really liked her philosophy of holistic approach to sleep. 


What she gave me through her coaching was not the usual, more or less standardised, step by step plan that promises to teach your baby to fall asleep. She gave me first and foremost knowledge and confidence to understand what my baby was going through and why he was behaving in that way. Thanks to her explanations and tips, I found the confidence that first time mums struggle so much with at the beginning. This really strengthened the bond with my baby, and allowed me to put in place all the steps Simone recommended for a good sleep hygiene that would eventually lead to good sleep whenever that baby's development would allow it. I must have read and re-read the personalised booklet she prepared for me 100 times! And indeed everything fell into place, step by step, as my baby was growing and developing. Seeing this development and his achievements has been such a joy!


Simone's guidance and continued support were fundamental to help me go through the first 4 months of my baby's life and become a confident, calm, and more-than-ever loving mum. And now, at 6 months of age, he is sleeping the entire night!


I definitely recommend her newborn coaching to all families - especially first time parents. Despite all the baby sleep- related reading you can do in books and other resources (and, trust me, I had done just that!) having a guidance coming from somebody with knowledge, experience, kindness and empathy is an invaluable support during such a complex period as the beginning of life as parents is.

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Testimonial by Anne and Robert, Erfurt

Parents of a son, 9 months old at the start of coaching

We had a rough start with our son. He was very small when he was born, which means we had to wake him often to feed him and we were constantly worried about his wellbeing. He cried a lot and slept very badly, and if so, only after a long struggle and lying either on top of me or beside me. He liked the pram, that’s where he would do his daytime naps. What that meant for me was that I had to go for walks every single day, in all kinds of weather, so that he’d sleep as much as possible and do well. I was always anxious that he would wake up after a short while and that I wouldn’t manage to get him back to sleep. And I did all of this while never able to sleep for more than 3 or 4 hours uninterrupted at night, which meant that I was frustrated and desperate much of the time, instead of being able to enjoy the time with my baby. And the relationship with my partner also suffered because none of us knew how to go on and what to do. We didn’t know why he wouldn’t settle and we could never put him down.

We had tried everything, went to doctors, a physiotherapist, an osteopath, and bought pretty much everything available from pharmacies: something for stomach ache, reflux, you name it…. nothing helped. He was constantly tired and crying for hours. I was overwhelmed with worry and the deluge of statistics and information available and, as a result, have lost my motherly instinct and gut feeling. I felt like a bad mother because I didn’t know what to do, everything was very chaotic – and shouldn’t I know what’s wrong with my child? And that’s how, without really being aware of it, I satisfied my son’s needs to the best of my knowledge while completely neglecting my own needs.

The worst part was the lack of sleep: isn’t it absurd that I wouldn’t sleep just so the baby can sleep? And that’s how it was day after day, week after week, and month after month. Yes, there were bad nights and those that were less bad but there was never a good night. I panicked just thinking about bedtime and the next night because it is so brutal to be woken from deep sleep again and again. Although, quite often I didn’t even manage to go back to sleep after being woken. Sometimes I lay in bed at night without really sleeping at all, and during the day I walked the streets with my pram, zigzagging around the construction sites so that the baby doesn’t wake up.

People said: maybe he’s teething? maybe he’s got a tummy ache? maybe a mental leap? Yes, maybe! But when you feel like you won’t survive another night, it doesn’t matter what the reason is. I thought: I just have to hang in there, it will get better by itself. But it didn’t and I suffered so much that I knew I HAD to do something.

Through a facebook page where you can get advice from other parents, I learned about „sleep coaching“. For weeks I mulled it over, let myself deter from it by others who said „we didn’t have this in the olden days“ and „your child needs you“ and „how could a coach possibly help you, you just have to hang in there“. And because I didn’t know what exactly the coaching would look like and because it is not exactly cheap, I let myself be made very insecure and hesitated. But in the end, I would have paid 1000 Euros or more if someone had been able to guarantee that it works. But instead, I agonised for weeks, and was afraid to destroy the bond between my son and I because I emanated exhaustion, frustration and desperation although, even though what I would have liked to teach him is how to laugh, be happy and discover the world.

And then, one day, I had enough, I was done suffering and if there was only one spark of hope that the coaching works, I would give it a try. It couldn’t possibly get worse. And anyway, the huge amount I had already spent trying out other things (e.g. a motorised baby cradle swing) to get baby to sleep… I decided to just do it. I didn’t care anymore if my partner thought it was a waste of money, after all, he wasn’t the one suffering from a lack of sleep.

It was the best decision and the best investment ever!!! I am so glad that I asserted myself and I am even more happy that I found Simone. We instantly had a good connection and I felt straight away that she isn’t doing this job for the money but because she wants to help other families.

And she has helped us so much! We have a completely new life! Our son sleeps in his bed now, in his own room, and he falls asleep in a matter of minutes. I can leave the room and take care of things, or watch TV, do a crossword puzzle, make a phone call or simply do nothing! In the evening, after putting him in bed, I can spend time with my partner. We can watch a show or eat dinner peacefully. I still find it absolutely incredible. We have our bedroom back to ourselves, can switch on the light and go to the bathroom without being afraid of waking up the little man. It is a miracle! For anyone who has not experienced a similar struggle, it would be hard to understand how wonderful it is to have so much time to ourselves and not having to serve as a human pillow or dummy anymore.

Simone’s coaching plan has immediately yielded tangible improvements. And even though the process wasn’t always smooth, at any point in time things were so much better than they used to be. And after approximately five weeks, for the first time ever, our son slept through the night. Simone’s patience and great communication (through video calls and messages) were absolutetly crucial in getting this far. Had I known how different life would be with my baby, with restful nights and peaceful structured days, I wouldn’t have hesitated for even a second to book the coaching.

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Testimonial by Claudia A. Jijau, Frankfurt am Main

Mum of twin boys, 9 months old at the start of coaching

As parents of twins we experienced the classic challenge: how to teach our boys sleep through the night by themselves.

At the time when we started sleep coaching with Simone we were trapped. On one hand attempting to identify the best routines and sleep training approaches from the myriad of internet articles and on the other hand applying them using the trial and error principle. With so many ups and downs the moral was low and we were lacking the confidence to go for big changes. It could not be a better time to get help.

The whole process we did together with Simone was very reassuring and comfortable. She evaluated our situation through interviews and questionnaires, we set the objectives together and agreed on how to implement the routine and sleep training.

We really loved the personal touch and the empathy she invested during these activities. Simone created a tailored program for our boys consisting of a daily routine and sleep arrangements which eventually worked like a charm. The follow ups, observations, guidance and clear communication she provided were the key to the success.

The end result is fantastic. We stick to the routine every single day and the boys are now very predictable when it comes to eating and sleeping. Not to mention that we can now sleep the whole night!

We would warmly recommend Simone to anyone willing to get their little ones sleep better.

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